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It's true: I do not like the song "Jingle Bells" →

Actual jingle bells are awesome.  I’ve made it a point to work them into many of my projects in the past.  However, the actual song drives me up the wall.  The melody is so ingrained in us that it bores most people.  The lyrics are culturally irrelevant.  And yet it is sung so often that it becomes this incredibly insincere thing.

So naturally, I had to approach this song.  Nothing long, nothing fancy.  It couldn’t be beautiful because I would be lying.  

Instead, Alan and I wanted to deconstruct the song.  A simple flip of the verse and chorus allowed us to start someplace new.  Taking our time with the verse made it a bit more unpredictable, a bit more fun.  When we got to the “oooooo,” I really wanted to drag this out.  Christmas always seems to take its time getting here, and there IS something beautiful about that.  I wanted this moment to feel good, even though it can feel a bit delayed in its conclusion.

And then there’s the conclusion.  Christmas day happens each year.  And while full of good things, symbolic and physical, it is a day that passes like any other.  Rather unlike the days leading to Christmas, the passage of Advent culminates in the day.  We overlook the actual 12 days of Christmas, mostly I think because we have whet our material appetites. 

For the video, I wanted something simple, as well, but visually rapturous.  The robot, named Bernie by RL Stine, was given to me by Steven Fiore.  The idea was that Bernie was programmed to capture helpless human victims in snowglobes.  A mechanical onslaught no earthling could resist.  

And there you have it: Jingle Bells, according to The Lovely Few.

Thanks to Hearts and Plugs, Apartment A, and Scene SC for their help.

Go download the track from Hearts and Plugs soundcloud for free!

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This is my band, The Lovely Few.  You can follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.  Or you can just enjoy this video made by our very talented friend Mr. Joshua Rainwater.  

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Those Lavender Whales - Growth in Question from Lunch & Recess on Vimeo.

seriously, i know so many talented people.  this is a band called “those lavender whales” from columbia, and this video is a.) wonderful, b.) chock full of talented people i know.  check out their new record… well, it’ll be out soon.

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