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Preach Jacobs’ setup for Analog’s “Arrow of God” listening party at The Whig, Columbia, SC, 8/27/14

Preach Jacobs’ setup for Analog’s “Arrow of God” listening party at The Whig, Columbia, SC, 8/27/14

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We put a couple tracks off the latest album up on  So go listen to them.  Share them.  Comment on them.  

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Those Lavender Whales


March 7, 2014

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My band has made this song available for the day.  

It’s a love song.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Venus is the goddess of love.

And it is the planet of Friday.

Today is Friday.

It’s Valentine’s Day.


And please share.

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celebrating the warp up of this kickstarter. 
if you’ve been waiting to get on board… do it now while you still can.

celebrating the warp up of this kickstarter

if you’ve been waiting to get on board… do it now while you still can.

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Majical Cloudz’s latest video is disorienting, disturbing and utterly transfixing. Seemingly massive cockroaches and beetles invade the world, and it all ends in flames.

Watch “Bugs Don’t Buzz” now.

feeling apocalyptic

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Sound in Space - The B-Sides - Voyager 1, The Symphony

It’s time for another Episode Extra! (which is where you special blog readers get to check out really cool stuff to go along with my YouTube videos, like special features on a DVD, only way more special-er)

In this latest episode of It’s Okay To Be Smart, we got to explore some musical and sonic art projects that were not only inspired by space, but created from space.

Voyager 1, the most distant manmade object ever created, a day anda half of light travel away from our sun, is approaching 18.5 billion kilometers from Earth as it makes its way out of our solar system. That’s a heck of a road trip. Like everyone knows, a good road trip needs good tunes, right?

Well, Domenico Vicinanza has converted actual magnetic field sensor data from Voyager 1 into music! Like yesterday’s goosebump-worthy choral suite written to the words of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, this one is a more creative take on space sonification. 

There’s real data beneath these sounds, with a particular level on the magnetic field sensor set to a particular note, but the instruments and rhythms are modified by human hands. It’s a never-before-heard blend of sound inspired by space, and made from space.

Read more about Vicinenza’s Voyager music at Discover.

Music credit: Sonification run on the GEANT network through EGI

Sounds of science.

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It’s difficult for me to not feel like I have multiple personalities.  Perhaps people have infinite personalities, but one default.  Or perhaps their personalities all get sifted through the same spout or lens, and so it appears to be one though they are many.

I especially notice this tension within my own music.  There are times when I want to be a singer songwriter, captivating a room with nothing but my humble words and guitar picking.  Other times, I want to stand out, to be more aggressive, to catch people off guard with glitchy beats and strange synth sounds.

While The Lovely Few continue to venture further into outer space, this week I will have a chance to come back down to earth, at least a bit.  I’ll be playing two solo performances with my friend Steven Fiore.  Steven is releasing a new record and playing a few shows between Charleston, SC, and Nashville, TN.  I’ll be opening for him this Tuesday at Red Door in West Columbia, SC, and Wednesday night at Coffee Underground in Greenville, SC.  

Please come hang out with us!  I’ll be playing guitar with some minimal beats I’ve made using Figure on my phone.  I’m excited about doing something new.  Steven is always amazing.  He really is.  If you live in South Carolina and haven’t seen him, you really need to.  If you have seen him, you know you need to see him again.

Join us.  This Tuesday and Wednesday.  Stay tuned to The Lovely Few’s Twitter handle for more, and be sure to check in with Steven on Twitter and Bandcamp (where you can get his music) as well.  

Top photo by Alan Davis at the Johnson City, TN, Cracker Barrel.  

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